Big boobs wife fucked by Servants

Dear friends, this is a true story which took place in Assam. I am Samar and my desi big boobs wife is Manasi aged about 32 years. Like most Assamese girls Manasi is quite beautiful, a bit on the plumper side with a stunning figure of 38-26-40 height (medium height) 5ft 2 inches and 65kg. Right from the time of our marriage I wanted her to be sexy and well maintained. I used to send her to gym, yoga classes for swimming and I also urged her to go to beauty parlours on a regular basis. I also imported costly medicines for her to enlarge her boobs, thighs and rare cosmetics for skin and complexion. Her most attractive feature is her smooth, silky and soft milky white complexion, big up thrust boobs, quite difficult to hide in clothes, heavy buttocks and huge fleshy thighs. She resembles an American blonde girl or rather a full woman and a sex bomb like the actress Huma Khan. You are reading this on

Manasi is a simple girl but loves sex and I taught her many things. I trained her on the art of sex which you will find out here and techniques to please me in bed and how to be fully submissive and cooperative. I would like to share with you her story how she was intimately used by our servant Ashraful and his friends Mulla, Bashir Ali and Dhanpat and the best part is that not only she performed very well but her affairs helped make her more wanton.

Ashraful was about 66 years of age but he looked 55 and he had a huge body weighing about 100 kgs, ugly looking with tobacco-stained teeth. He had coal black complexion, was hairy and looked like an Indian raw wrestler with huge arms and legs. He was in fact a wrestler in his native village in Bangladesh. He had married thrice. His two elder wives had died and his third one lived in Dhaca. He shifted to Assam for work because wrestling was not giving him a good earning. It was just about a week he was employed by me for cooking. He had been out of home for about a year and he was sex-starved. More Hindi sex stories on

It was around the third day I found him peeping into the bathroom when Manasi was bathing and I knew instantly that his intentions were doubtful. I couldn’t decide on what his inner intentions were so I decided to test him out. I had a lot of sexy snaps of Manasi and from this collection I selected some decent saree snaps of Manasi alongwith one in a skimpy two-piece bikini which showed all her body quite well and I carelessly left them in a place where Ashraful would find them. That evening when I came from office, I found that the snap of Manasi in bikini was missing. I was sure he had taken it

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Ashraful lived in the servant quarters, a single room in the outskirts of the compound. When I was sure he wasn’t around I decided to go to his room to find out. It wa around 8pm and quite dark. I reached the servant room and there was light inside and I peeped into the room. What I saw shocked me! Ashraful was masturbating. A huge black cock in hand he was rubbing it up and down in slow delicate motions. In front of him on the table was a glass of cheap liquor and Manasi’s bikini snap kept upright against the liquor bottle! He adored her!

Several thoughts came to my mind instantly. First it wa his massive phallus, which was a good 9 inches long and about an inch and half wide, the grayish-pink head glistening with pre cum. I got a gut feeling that soon it would be churning Manasi’s cunt with that thing. He was preparing for the great onslaught.

Again, I was feeling an anger creep up my spine as to how a low caste dirty old guy, her father’s age could even think of having Manasi as his lover and fucker in bed? I thought on how I could allow such things to happen? However, his cock had a sort of mesmerizing effect on me and I felt guilty to think that I wanted to see how Manasi would take it inside her soft juicy cunt.

Siaikat usually comes to our room at about 9pm to give the milk glasses. So at around 8.30 I asked Manasi to put on a tiny bra and nothing more than a delightfully short plated skirt. I selected these myself, specially selecting the tiniest ones available in her almirah. Manasi obediently went to the bathroom, changed and emerged. Wow! What a look! She was practically naked! Both her boobs ballooned out of her bra almost fully except for the nipples. Below the black skirt hardly covered her naked pussy! I was preparing her for the dammed servant!

“Ashraful will come now” she protested. “So what?” I replied, “you think he hasn’t seen a woman?” “he has three wives” I added to convince her. “Three?” she muttered with wide eyes knowing the truth for the first time. “But I feel shy, I am almost naked.” “Come on babe, be a sport” I consoled her.

Just then Ashraful entered the room. His mouth opened wide to see her like that and I pretended to be engrossed in a book. Manasi was standing before him showing him everything and I could see his eyes roam over her body lewdly. It was apparent that he loved to see her so obscenely dressed.

“Memsaab, can you come to the kitchen? I have to show you something,” he was inviting naked Manasi to see her well. “You go to the kitchen” I ordered her and don’t disturb me I will sleep now I’m tired,” I said. “Ashraful, see that you learn where what is kept in the kitchen, Manasi will show you.” “ji Saabji jaroor” “Come memsaab” he ordered her and she obediently followed him out of the room.

I followed an instant later. I heard the kitchen door being locked from inside, but I knew from where I could peep in.

Ashraful did not waste even a minute on formalities. The big guy was behind her, his hands thrust under her arms cupping the exposed breasts. He was pulling her onto his front. I was sure his cock was firmly wedged between her buttocks. His face was dazed. The feel of her big soft boobs were maddening him immensely. It had all happened quite suddenly, I could make out from a look at Manasi’s startled wide-eyed face. She had not imagined that the servant would do this.

“Ashrafulji (she called him that out of respect for a man as old as her father), what are you doing?” she gasped, unable to fathom what was happening
“Memsaab just keep still, let us enjoy” he gasped, running his palms over the flair of her breasts. “Please don’t do this” Manasi begged.

“I can’t leave you Memsaab, you are so beautiful and from the first day I saw these balls I knew I had to make them mine.” He muttered through clenched teeth.

Her hands crept up to her chest, trying to dislodge his hands while her ears were turning red in shame. Hard as she tried she could hardly move within his massive gorilla-like arms. It was impossible to dislodge his huge hands. At first he felt the size, shape and smoothness of her big boobs then he started to knead them with more power. The pressure increased as his animal instincts got aroused and Manasi started to moan. Though she did not want to make a noise the sounds came instinctively, as rough mature hands vulgarly groped her full tender balls.