Client’s accountant – Anjali

While reading some nice dick raising stories at this site, I decided to share my own sex experience with all. So here I am. I am a 24 year old Chartered Accountancy student; it was the story of my sex experience during my article ship days. During those days sealing was going on full force in Delhi and one of our client’s offices was sealed by the MCD & they have shifted their accounts department to a small residential house till the time they can arrange for any better space. Me and one of my friends used to go on audit there.

In that makeshift office, there were only two accounts person (a man & a very beautiful & sexy girl Anjali, who happens to be the other accountant’s sister) and an office boy. Anjali (name changed), was quite young barely 18 or 19 years of age, doing her graduation from Delhi University through Correspondence & working part time with her brother in the accounts department of this company. She is the sexiest girl I have ever seen, might be the sexiest in this whole world. One day, I saw her wearing a very deep neck t-shirt from which her sexy assets were quite clearly visible and by the sight of this scene, my dick swung in action and got erected. While working that day, fortunately I got a chance to sit in front of Anjali for some work which she is looking after.

While doing the work, her pen fell to the ground and when she knelt down to pick the same, her boobs were so sexy that I couldn’t stop myself from looking at them spell bound by their beauty, my dick was so much erected that it was clearly visible even from my trousers. At this time, Anjali looked up, me still looking at her. She looked first at my raised and then at my eyes. I thought that she would tell about it to her brother but instead she gave a nice naughty smile. This encouraged me further. But couldn’t say a word or do something because her brother & my colleague were sitting in the adjacent room. I kept quite at that time.

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Now, I have started looking for an opportunity to meet her alone. Fortunately, I got this opportunity after about a week. Our Audit work has finished and our team went back to our office but due to some reports pending, I being the person living close to that place was asked to complete that of as soon as possible. That day also, she was wearing a similar type of t-shirt. Fortunately, that was the last day for some tax return and therefore, his brother had to go there to fill that up & I knew it would take him at least 4-5 hours or even more. When I reached their office in the morning, he asked him that due to the last date of the return, he has to leave to file the same to avoid penalty and asked me to sit with her sister in case of any requirement.

This was the opportunity, I was looking for. I simply told him that it’s o.k. with me as not much of work is pending on my side. Now, that he has left the office, only three of us are in the office, me, Anjali & the office boy. I was sitting in the room adjacent to Anjali’s. At around 12 p.m., I sent the office boy to bring lunch for us. That day I asked him to bring lunch from a restaurant which is very far off from that place as the quality of the food there is quite good & we often used to eat food from that restaurant. Being the auditor he has to fulfill my demands. I knew that it would take him at least 2 hours to go there, get the food & come back. At about 12:10 p.m., I pretended that I have an issue & went to Anjali’s room to resolve the same. I sat right in front of her, pretending to be deeply engrossed in my file while in actual, my mind was working somewhere else. I started playing with the paper weight on her table & dropped it pretending that it was by chance that I have dropped the same.

Anjali bent down to pick up the paper weight & this was what I have been waiting for all this time, I looked straight down the neck of her t-shirt & couldn’t control my dick and a loud sound of wooooowwwwwwww came out of my mouth, she immediately looked up, my eyes still focused on those beautiful, sexiest boobs I have ever seen. First she gave a bad look as if I have done something wrong, but suddenly her expressions changed into a beautiful naughty smile, I still can’t forget that naughty smile on her face uhhhhhh…

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This encouraged m, I started a conversation about her, about her studies & about her future plans, but my intentions were something else & in between the conversation, I suddenly asked her about whether she has any boy friend’s to which she replied in negative. I asked how come such a sexy girl doesn’t have a boy friend. She said that as she is in correspondence, she doesn’t have to go to college & can’t meet anybody in the week days as she is with her brother working in this company.

Suddenly, I don’t know what happened to me, I asked her you are such a beautiful lass anyone would die to be your boyfriend, to which she said “will you”. I wasn’t expecting this & I simply said definitely I would. She smiled. I got encouragement & I asked her can I kiss you. She wasn’t expecting any such thing from me as she & her brother used to say that I am the most sincere of the persons to visit them for the audit, she was speechless, and she couldn’t utter a word. Some chilling feeling went through me & I took her face in my hands & simply started caressing her hair & planted a kiss on her lips.

This was the first kiss so; I was pretty gentle into it. She said nothing, just smiled. This was it, it was the only indication from her side which I was waiting for, and now to I have started to caress her hair even more and started kissing her all over face & neck, now even she started to kiss me. I planted another kiss on her lips which this time is a very wet one. I started planted more such wet kisses on her face, eyes, neck and this time my started to explore her body, I gently touched her boobs from over the t-shirt, then slowly took my hand inside her t-shirt, then in her pants, I started biting her ears, neck and lips which aroused her further and even she started biting my ears. That was the limit and totally lost control over myself and got aggressive in my kissing & my touching, her nipples were erect as was my dick.

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At this time, I decided to take the next step & slowly started removing her t-shirt, she helped me with it by raising her hands upwards, and then I slowly removed her trousers. Now she was in front of me in her lingerie, I was spellbound by her beauty & her well toned body. I started kissing her navel and at this time, my hands slowly moved behind her back & I unhooked her bra and she slid it down from her arms. Now she was right in front of me just in her panties which I removed pretty soon. It was getting too much for me & it seems that my dick would just tear off my under-wear & trouser and would peep outside. She too understood everything & started removing my trousers, shirt & my under garments. Her nice, sexy & soft hands touching my body, my genitals etc. aroused me even further. Now I couldn’t control myself & started biting her nipples slowly, she seems to be enjoying it as was clear from her moaning aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh; she also started to bit my nipples & said that she enjoys the hair on my chest. Now I started enjoying her chute (vagina), started licking the same,

It seemed to be an untenured territory as it was hairy and the hole in the middle of it very small. Very soon we acquired position 69, me licking her chute & she sucking my Lund. Her mouth was full with my thick Lund & she was taking it further inside her. She was sucking it quite hard & I was enjoying every bit of it and she was enjoying my licking her vagina. Within a few minutes, I reached orgasm & told her that Anjali, I ammmm Cumming, even then she didn’t stopped as if she wanted to taste my cum, she grew even more aggressive, I couldn’t hold it anymore & cummed in her mouth, she took it fully & started enjoying every drop of it as was clear from her expressions. Immediately, after that my Lund returned to its normal position but she seems to want more so she started caressing my Lund again, started kissing it, rubbing it against her beautiful breasts and within a few seconds, it again started to dance to her tune. Around this time I was figure fucking her & found her G-spot, when I touched it she simply screamed aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

She immediately, put my Lund in her vagina but as she was new to it, her hole was very small & we have to put some effort to take it inside, it was going inside inch by inch and she was screaming in pain as my big fat Lund was a bit too much for her small hole. Although, she was in pain, but was still enjoying every bit of it. Soon my Lund was in her vagina & it reached her G-spot, I can see in her eyes & by her expressions that, I have reached the perfect spot & started humping her harder & harder, pretty soon, she said she is chumming but I didn’t stopped and simply told her that even I am. This time, we both cummed at around the same time, our cum mixing in her body, the feeling it gave to both of us is beyond expressions. Even she said that it was the best day of her life & she cherished every moment.

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Both of us are quite tired now & decided to wear our clothes and start our work, it was around 1.15 p.m. or something. This time, I was sitting close to her rather than on the opposite side of the table, she was looking in the file, I took my face close to hers & kissed her lips again before she could sense it and I think that was the best kiss as it was a side on & that too an unplanned one. Now, she started caressing my Lund again over my trousers and I started to play with her sexy boobs over her t-short, we both got aroused pretty soon & my Lund is dancing to her tunes, now we decided to do it doggy style & removed each other’s clothes once again & I put my Lund in her sexy ass & started humping her vigorously from behind, while at the same time, pressing her boobs and that makeshift office being in a house, there was a mirror right in front of us.

I could see that she is enjoying every bit of it and it was great looking you fucking the sexiest girl in this whole universe. After a while, I came in front of her & put my Lund in her chut, so that she could also reach another orgasm soon as we don’t have much time as the office would be coming back anytime now with our lunch. Within next 15-20 minutes of this we reached another orgasm. We both are pretty tired and collapsed on the floor but we didn’t had much time, so after lying there naked for five minutes or so, we got up and kissed each other’s private part one last time and immediately wore our dresses back & got back to our seats. But could not concentrate on work and I started kissing her lips every now & then and even she was enjoying those unplanned kisses. After around another 5 minutes or so around 2:20 p.m.,

The office boy returned back with our lunch, we were quite hungry. I asked him that why it him so long & asked him to quickly arrange the lunch for us. While arranging the lunch, he said that kya kaam bahut jaayda tha, aap log kafi thake hue lag rahe hai, to which I simply replied haan, kuch amount match nahi ho raha tha. After lunch, we started to work again but couldn’t work the whole day & we were struck on the same page the whole day.

In between, whenever the office boy is not around, I would kiss Anjali and she was enjoying it too.