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My name is Mahemood and I’m a driver for a rich family in Kolkata. I drive a beautiful Mercedes for a rich industrialist. He has a beautiful young wife,Minu Sharma. She is 26 years old beauty with massieve volupterous figures.She has one daughter of 6 years old. Minu is as beautiful as the Mercedes I drive, perfect round breasts like the headlights on the car, she must be more than d size cup, a bit thick body shaped like the car but not fat by any means, full lips, big appealing eyes for sure,and a smile that can kill any man easily.Her bums were to look at.Her bum chicks were HUGE.When she used to walk,her each bums used to jiggle like two jel bags,by each of her steps. Hindi Sex stories

I always watched her midriff,the area not covered by the saree. Even I splur at her navel.Her navel is the cuttest I have ever seen.It is as big as one rupee coin,and very deep on a flabby tummy.
By the manner she looks at me from the rear-view mirror to give me orders,only by looking at her eyes through mirror, my dick flings. She always wears tight blouses, poking her nipples through the fabric, sometimes in Kolkata heat and due to lots of sweat, one can see clearly the impression of her nipples on her blouse, sometimes I think she doesn’t wear any bra, i guess due to heat but i also sometimes see her blouse wet from her sweat.

Madam mostly wears very low thin sleeveless blouses by which her huge busts always bulges out.When ever I open the door of the car for her,i notice that she bends to get in, her huge busts bulges out,from below her transperent pallu of her saree. mmm…. I peek at her when she does this, it turns my tool on, and my god i cannot stop thinking about grabbing and smoooooch her juicy jugs at that very moment… i day dream of her all the time… when will that moment come when my lips are glued to hers because i know i will one day end-up raping her because of her sex appeal… she also knows that I always watch her from the rear-view mirror… When the boss is not in the car… i drool…. I swallow my saliva in excitement… Nevertheless, it’s amazing to see her daily and it makes my day when i see her lusty & sultry looks. However, i just knew it in my mind and my heart that one fine day or at night i’m going to lock my lips to hers, latch onto her nipples sucking hungrily on her breasts,and fuck her brains inside & out… i just knew it.

I always used to rape her with my eyes.Whenever I used have eye contact with her,I used peep on her boobs,her exposed big deep navel,as she always wore saree very below in her lower flabby abdomen,her crotch and her whole figure with lusty eyes,and in the end I used to give her a wicked smile.But I always saw by such actions of mine she used to get very much irritated and angry as she used to frown and go away.She never could tell me anything as she didnt had any proof.I many times over heard that madam used to tell boss that she didnt like me at all,and I am not a good person and wanted me to be kicked out of my job as soon as possible.I guess she was a perfect loyal housewife,but my boss couldnt think anything more serious than his business.He used to reply madam that they were all madam’s complicated mind built stuff,and it was nothing like that as Mahemood is working here for more than ten years and he is very honest,by saying so he used to either go to sleep or sit with files of his businesses.Actually this behaviour of boss towards madam gave me courage to put my lusty glances on madam’s figure directly on her face,days after days.Actually my boss never paid any attention to his beautiful wife. I realized that she is too bored housewife with her husband, he was being ignorant, he never spoke nicely with her, Madam never used to talk to me anything in excess,only formal orders of where to drive,rather she was always a little rude to me in her attitudes,before this incident happened.

Months were passing,and each day I was becoming impatient to get atleast a touch of her.Each day I was in search of a single moment to make her lay beneath me.I never passed a single night without masterbrating by thinking of her.

One magical day,my luck rang up piculiarly,not the way I wanted.That day madam was in the house alone.I took my boss to his office.Suddenly in the noon,boss called me in his office and gave some important files and said to drive fast to his house,and get them signed by madam and bring them back to office as fast as possible.I took the files and drove to house.I pressed the bell but no one opened the door,but I could hear madam’s deck in high volume being played from her bed room.I understood that for that reason she might not be able to hear the bell.But boss said the files were inportant and needed to be signed very fast.So I took out a metal wire from my pocket and inserted it into the keyhole and within fews minutes of difficulty I opened the door.Actually before being employed here as a driver,I used to be a thief at my younger age so I knew the art of opening any locks or doors.

I went towards madam’s bed room and saw that the deck was on, and madam’s attach bathroom’s door was half closed,and from inside the sound of running water was coming. Right there the gear of my mind started working in a evil way,And I simply tip toed and went to the door of the bathroom and in one blow I opened the door wide.My jaw dropped wide open in disbelief.I saw my madam,my sex goddess totally nude infront of me,wet and covered in soap.Madam was totally terrified.She was fumbling and could only manage to say yyou…how…how..did you…how did you get in…nnnoH!!!But then there was a total silence in the bathroom for about two to three minutes,as I was scanning her entire body,each parts with my eyes with a evil smile.She was standing there dumbstruck ,with big eyes wide open in shock,as she also realized that my eyesight was moving up down her body.Her entire volupterous body was shinning due to soap and water.She was breathing heavily,as my eyes first glued on her two huge footballs.They were milky white with pink nipples and big aerolas.What I saw was most amazing that I dont know whether due to nervousness or she was getting aroused that I saw her nipples graduallly becoming big and protuding out and becoming erect.Then I saw her big deep navel in which soap was inside.Then my eyes went to madam’s genital area..OohhhH!! It was clean shaved,it was shinning,only a thin long cut in a triangle,it was just like a genital of a 14 year old girl.She was indeed a sex goddess.OOhh! I suddenly felt a cold patch infront of my penis tip at my pant,I realized that I was having precums shooting.I had seen so many nude women in my life,pictures,so many at red light areas,but none I could ever imagine that only by looking at a figure one can have precums.A long dreamed sex goddess,a ripe sexy voluptorous full jawani of 26 years was standing infront of me totally nude.It was then madam came to the senses after two minutes and she murmured “go out from here driver.” I said I needed an important sign that boss has sent to fetch.She said first go out from here.I went out of her bathroom and waited for her in her bedroom.She shut the bathroom door behind me.