Desi Housewife cheating with Muslim Butcher

That certainly was a very fortunate day for me.. I hope you link ready by Hindi Sex Stories below.

I am Keerthi , it happened some 6 months ago.. I am a house wife & staying in metro city . My husband is a senior officer in a psu and our only son is pursuing engineering course in a reputed college. I am 42 yrs of age, fair complexioned, of good height 5’5″ and with nice figures 34″ x 26 ” x 36″ . With my height , this figure made me attractive . I consider myself a chaste woman except some fondling here and there .

Till then only once i fondled a cock other than that of husband which happened during a party . I got drunk and a waiter took advantage of me…he shoved cock in my mouth but nothing more . He ejaculated and went away…he was on duty ..

That day my son came from college and i thought of preparing mutton at night . For something or other our servant Manohar remained busy and did not go to bring mutton.. At noon at about 12 , son said that he is going to meet a friend and would be back in two hours. I told him to drop me at ‘mutton shop’ which was about 2km from our house .

When i reached shop, it was almost 12.30 and i wondered whether ‘meat’ would be available . It was a closed wall shop with curtain made of wooden thin sticks…nothing can be seen from inside. Leaving me at shop son drove away . I asked girl standing outside and she said that ‘meat’ is available . I went in but thankfully there were only four persons in ‘q’ . First one was a male. Butcher who was busy in cutting meat looked at me and gave a faint smile . I had come to shop after about an year..Manohar was only doing this job. I saw a lady , may be in mid 30s, thin ordinary looking lady in saree seated on a bench on the side. Immediately after man left with his goods , lady seated on bench got up and stood in front …

“Yaar ab to koi mard nahi hai…..Ab to deeha do…..Kitna wait karwaaoge …”

I did not understood ..Other two three ladies standing before me also seconded…..

“Hum bhee itna late aate hai sirf wohi dekhne lekin peechhle week bhee nahi dekhaa aur aaj bhee nahi….”

Still I did not understand …

“Lekin ye naee madam…!”

“Arrey madam ki chinta mut karo….Ek baar wo dekh legi to wo bhee baar baar aayegi dekhne ..”

And telling this first lady pushed hand under his lungi and pulled lund out … it was semi limped but still in that condition it was around 7 inch , like length of my husband’s cock….

So these ladies comes to see this monster cock… man did not stop his work . He shouted from there …” beti , meat khatam ho gaya kaa board laga de…”

I looked at the stock….” phir ye sab…” i enquired .

“Kal bechunga…”

Girl came in and leaving muttons which we may require , she carried inside .. ” abhee ice mey rakh denge…”

We watched , cock began to grow ..And soon it was in full form ..”tum sab buss dekhti ho…..” he said while weighing ” kabhi isko apna khana bhee to khilao…”

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“Naa baba na.. Ye khazana ko barbaad kar degaa…”

I saw that all those four ladies took their meat, paid for and each one fisted cock few minutes before leaving . But he did not touch any one except he said them..” ek baar chodne do…bahut pyaar se chodunga…khazana kharab nahi hoga..”

Beside that young girl i was now alone in front of that monster ..”ladki kaun hai…” ? She was seated near door ..

I was surprised when he said she is ‘ruby’ her youngest daughter and his other three daughters and two sons are married ..I appreciated strength of his wife that she is taking this cock regularly and given him six child..

“Madam , wo mahine mey buss ek baar leti hai…., he began cutting meat for me what i desired ….And added..
“Aur ye saare bachche ke asal baap kaun hai , wohi jaane.. “

I also thought that if he would have been my husband i also would also not have allowed him to fuck me daily ..