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My name is Suresh 42 year old and my wife is renuka who is 38 year old. We have two children. Here in this episode I am going to narrate how my wife fulfilled my desire of watching her having sex with another man last year. Infact in a period of this one year I enjoyed watching her getting fucked by different men on different occasions. In the first occasion according to my wife she cheated me by having sex with a someone else without my knowledge. She was not aware that I watched that and enjoyed that. Hindi Sex Stories

Certain developments took place subsequently and the second occasion was right in front of me in the same room with an American family friend Edward a Blackman. That helped me to get a big contact in my business which would result in lot of profit and also got a pleasure trip to us for me and my wife. In us not only Edward also few of his friends enjoyed my wife. Renuka too was happy in their company. Those things I would describe in the next part. First let me tell about the first incident. My wife renuka even after having two children at the age of 38 looks very attractive and any normal man if gets an opportunity would like to have sex with her. In addition my wife is a hot and horny woman who enjoys sex .infact even now she likes watching blue movies.

As it happens in many men’s case a strange desire developed for me two years back. I wanted to watch my wife enjoying sex with another man. I did not have the boldness to tell this to my wife. However after this desire my interest in sex was lost and rarely I had sex with my wife and did not satisfy my hot wife. It so happened one of her uncle’s 80th birthday was celebrated at her native town and we went there for the function leaving our children with my sister. As it was her native place my wife she wanted to stay there for two more days after the function. All the other relatives left except two of us. We were accommodated in one the two out houses of her uncle. The other one was vacant. Her uncle had a middle aged cook rengan. He should be around 50 years of age. I was told that his family stays in a village close by where he goes occasionally. I saw him looking at my wife with a craze and lust. Next day it so happened I developed fever and bed ridden. My wife’s uncle and aunty had to go to a temple far off . They left early in the morning and were expected only in the night. Suddenly it struck to my mind the horny cook may seduce my hot wife and that happened.

After giving me my break fast renuka asked me to take rest. She told me that she had to discuss with the cook about lunch and evening Tiffin. Then she left. I was looking through the window. My wife and the cook rengan were talking standing on the back side of the house. After five minutes I saw the cook’s hands going down on his thighs. As cook was showing his backside to me I couldn’t make out anything initially. However I saw rengan raising one side of his dhoti and the underwear. I understood that he is showing his cock to my wife. My wife looked around and went closer to rengan. She kept her hands on his shoulder and began talking to him. Her hands pointed to the building we were staying and the vacant one. I saw the cook closing his dhoti and nodding.

Then my wife went inside and gave a key to rengan. Rengan went to the vacant building opened the door with the key and went inside. Then the cook opened the back door again came to the front door and locked that. Giving a nod to my wife he went inside the building through the back door. I understood their plan. My wife will enter the house through the back door. As the house is locked no one will suspect any thing.

Then my wife came to my house and enquired about me . When I told her that I am better she asked me whether I can manage for an hour independently as she wants to go see one of her old classmate. I knew and happy to note that she is telling a lie. I gave my consent. First I saw my wife actually leaving the house ,but within three minutes she came back. I watched her not from the normal place but from a different place. As my wife was walking towards the vacant building her eyes were focused on the window where I would be normally watching. Then I saw her going behind the building and disappearing. I got down. Like a cat I went to the building and went around. I heard some whispers from a room. Even though the windows were closed in one of the wooden panel I saw a small hole formed by insects. I peeped through the hole and was happy to find a good view.

Both my wife and the cook stood close to a wall. rengan stood behind my wife and placed his hands on her shoulders. I saw the cook’s hands going round and round on my wife’s shoulder and neck. At the same time he was pressing his front below his hips on my wife’s buttocks and my wife pushing back her ass with her eyes closed, clearly indicating that she enjoyed the cook’s bulge between his thighs working on her ass.

Then I saw the top of my wife’s sari falling down and the cook’s slowly pushing his hands in to the gap of my wife’s blouse from top and started massaging her breasts. As the cook began fondling my wife’s big breasts vigorously her tight blouse bulged out more. My wife told him some thing and he removed his hands. My wife first removed her saree. then opened a few buttons on the blouse, lifted that along with the bra. Rengan threw off his dhoti and just with underwear. I could see a big bulge between his thighs on his underwear. He came in front of my wife kept his mouth on her right breast while keeping his hand on her left breast. Rengan began sucking my wife’s right breast while his hands were squeezing and fondling the left breast. My wife closing her eyes in pleasure was gently caressing the cook’s head with her hand. Nearly for three minutes the cook was playing with my wife’s breasts, fondling massaging and sucking her erect nipples. Then the cook hands went to my wife’s petticoat on backside. He started lifting her petticoat slowly. The bulge between Regan’s thighs on his underwear looked like a tent.

After raising my wife’s petticoat well above her knees on the backside. The cooks hand went to my wife’s fleshy ass. Then rengan keeping his face on my wife’s neck began squeezing the flesh on my wife’s ass at the same pressing the huge bulge on his front between her thighs. I heard my wife moaning gently and spreading her thighs. Then I saw the cook’s hands coming to front side and raising the petticoat there also. Now Reagan’s big bulge began rubbing my wife’s cunt directly. My wife’s hands went down and pulled down Regan’s underwear and made him naked. It was at that moment I understood the reason for my wife’s instant reaction half an hour back when he lifted his dhoti and showed his cock. The size and strength of Regan’s cock had made my wife horny and wet and she wanted to get fucked by him.

The cook rengan may be 50 year old above his hips, but below his hips it was different. His brown cock looked big and strong. It should at least be 8” in length and was very thick. Clearly very much bigger than mine both in length and thickness. My hot wife was happy to see a cock much bigger and stronger than her husbands. Moaning in pleasure my wife placed her hands on the cook’s big cock and began stroking that. At the same time the cook placed his hand on my wife’s cunt and began rubbing her virginal lips and clitoris. My wife was a bitch on heat. Then both of them decided to go for the big game and removed their hands from each other. My wife lied on the floor and lifted her petticoat up to her waist. Then she spread her legs and bent them at knee level. Between my wife’s fleshy thighs her clean shaven cunt looked like two jackfruit loafs.

The cook naked sat between my wife’s thighs. My wife held his big erected cock

With her hand rubbed its head on her cunt few times .then my wife placed his cock in front of her fuck hole and gave a nod. The cook gave a hard push and in swift stroke had his entire big cock fully inside my wife’s cunt. The cook rengan began fucking my wife. He started slowly pushing his cock into her cunt and then pulling out slowly. The cook after pushing his long cock deeply inside my wife’s juicy cunt would wait for a few seconds and then pull out. This action went on for few strokes .after that both of them got excited and his fucking speed increased. My wife’s moaning in pleasure reacted by raising her ass up and down to enjoy Regan’s big cock fucking as deep as possible inside her cunt. The action continued for about ten minutes when the speed was high. I could see my wife moaning and shaking her head in pleasure.

Suddenly Regan with a great grunt gave a wild thrust had his cock buried inside my wife’s cunt. I knew he is on climax. The cook closed his eyes fell on top of wife. I understood that his cock is releasing the load into her cunt. All the time my wife who was experiencing a wild climax was moaning and whimpering. Then the cook again lifted his hips and had one last stroke with his cock banging my wife’s cunt. Then he closed his eyes till his cock released last drop inside my wife’s cunt.

Both of them totally exhausted remained stuck to each other for a minute then parted.

Then they cleaned themselves and got dressed up. I left the place and went to my house. First I saw my wife coming out opening the front door. After keeping the key nearby my wife began walking towards my house. Then the cook rengan came out locked the front door and went to main house. I was lying on the bed when my wife came. I asked her “did you meet your old friend?” My wife “yes Suresh . I enjoyed a happy time of one hour. How are you now?” I told my wife “ I too had a happy time because you had a happy time”. Though confused as she couldn’t understand what I meant my wife smiled and went out bring my lunch. I decided to utilize my wife for bigger things. I succeeded which I shall explain in part 2.