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How ever I was waiting for my girl, and we would make out, so I got a plan to give a show to those guys, but was afraid as to do what and how, what if they tell it to some other people. I gathered some courage and asked them if they had mobiles, both had mobiles and one guy had 2 mobiles (total 3), I in disguise of seeing the model of the mobile, took the mobile in my hand and turned it into silent mode. I kept their mobiles in my pocket, to which they asked why am I taking their mobiles, I replied I will show them a naked girl, they said, even they have in their mobile, and I said, if you want to see a girl naked live, you have to be silent and co operate.

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They after discussing something agreed, and I took them into parking, asked them to hide behind the cars, which were beside mine, and asked them to be silent. Initially they were not sure what was going to happen, but they some how went behind the car, but did not hide, as they might be thinking I would run away with their mobiles, poor fellows. I took their mobiles, just to make sure that, they don’t record any thing and neither their mobile rings, as it would give a hint of presence of any other person to my girl.

My intention was only to show them my girl, and that to fully naked, and nothing else. I explained them that, my girl would come, and initially, we would sit in the car, and come out ASAP, where they can see her naked, and I would also try to fuck her, which they can see. They were listening, but thought I was not serious. After 2 mins my girl arrived and they were surprised to see her, and immediately I signalled them to be silent and hide themselves, which they did. She came and hugged me as usual and kissed me, we were kissing passionately and those guys were trying to peep to see us.

We went inside the car, where we sat for few seconds before making out, and we started making out, she tried to remove my Pant, for which I said, “lets go outside”. She started disrobing, and I stopped her and said, “lets remove outside”, for which she said “there will be no place to keep the clothes without getting them dirty” and I was in no mood, and said, let go, we will see there. As we were already in mood, and she was naked number of times, we just went outside. I opened bonnet of the car, and we were behind the bonnet of car. The guys were hiding behind the car which was beside my car, and my girl couldn’t see them, as the car was covered.

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My intention was to show her to them, but slowly, with each and every cloth of her removed from her body one by one. We started making out passionately, and I pulled her towards me, I made her stand in such a way that, her back was facing those guys. Which made them peep more freely, as she wouldnt turn back immediately. They were enjoying every second of our live act.

While kissing, I put my hands inside her shirt and was rubbing her back. while doing this, I lifted her shirt to show them her back, with the strap of her bra. We were passionate, but I was also exited, as I can see those guys seeing us. She was in hurry as normal to disrobe, but I was taking time, and making my moves according to my plan. After few seconds, of showing her back to the guys, I removed her shirt, and she was in bra, showing her back to those guys. While kissing, I generally rub her back, and I was doing it, few seconds later, I removed the clasp of the bra and was moving my hands freely on her back.

The guys were really exited to see a topless girl, but they could see her back. While rubbing her back, I was also rubbing her buttocks over the pant. I was doing it very slowly, which made my girl more hornier, but I had other intentions. Few seconds later, I was facing difficulty to remove the belt and the button of her jeans pant, she opened her belt, un buttoned her jeans and tried to remove her pant along with panties, which I stopped and inserted my hands inside her pant and was feeling buttocks. Her temperature was raising and I slowly removed her pant, till her knees without removing her panties. In the process of kissing and hugging, her pants went down little further.

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Now I was playing with her panties and ass, and teasing those guys, who were enjoying each and ever moment of the show. She was wearing a normal panty, which was covering almost her buttocks. While she was hugging and kissing me, I was playing with her ass and panties, and keeping an eye on the guys. I was making her panty as bikini, I was removing it half way and again taking it up, was doing all these things to make those guys go crazy. Few seconds later I slid her panty down to knees, which made them see her ass clearly.

They were approx 8-10 feet away from us and were enjoying, she removed her pant and panties out of her legs, and she was totally naked. But poor guys were able to see her back. She then unzipped my pant, took my dick out and was playing with it, I asked her to go down and suck it, for which she was waiting. She went down, but couldnt go on her knees, as that would make her knees dirty as it was floor of the parking lot, and she was sucking it in the same squatting position. She was sucking my dick intensely. but the guys wanted to see her boobs and pussy. I was in dilemma as how would I show them her boobs and pussy, as if she faced them, she could see them.

Then an Idea struck me and I removed my hand kerchief and tried to blind fold her, to which she did not object, as we have done many experiments. I tightly blind folded her and she was sucking me, blind foldedly. I made her stand up and turned her in facing the guys, now guys were dumb struck to see a naked girl live, blind folded, I was hugging her from behind and my dick was in her ass crack. I played with her boobs,teasing them, rubbed her boobs, stomach, thighs and it was whole lot of fun teasing those guys.

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Guys have almost come in the vicinity and out side of the car, as they knew as they cannot be seen now. My girl was also enjoying, not knowing what is going on, as she was blind folded. I then went up the thighs and started playing with her pussy, and soon I was fingering her, This was actually the first time I was fingering her outside the car, she was enjoying a lot, and she cummed. After orgasm she turned and hugged me, and was kind of down and was lying on me, But I was continuing my things, and was playing with her ass, and pussy.

Soon her phone rang, and everyone came to senses and the guys who were almost out, went back and hid, only after they hid, I removed her blindfold, kissed her, and then she walked towards the door to get the phone. She was roaming naked, as she would do in her bed room. It was a call from her house. She then spoke for few seconds, and was sucking my dick, while on phone, even I cummed. She dressed up, those guys still dont know, what happened, and still peeping. She kissed me, we hugged each other and she left.

Once she left, those guys came out and was praising me and my girl’s beauty, and complained me, that if they had their phone, they would have recorded, to which I said, “I took your phones for the same. reason, so that you don’t record”. They thanked me and left.

I am an exhibitionist, who has a exhibitionist wife, and will continue to share more of my wife’s stories. You can mail me at [email protected]

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