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I am Pradipta again with a new episode of group sex experience. It was not a part of any planning. It all started with a joke and end with a very hot sensual fucking. It was the birthday of my wife Sarita. We invited some of our very intimate friends for it. Party ended about10 P.M. All of our friends had returned except Bipin and Sobha as they had stayed about 25 KM. Distance from us in another town Cuttack and it was difficult to return by two wheeler to their town at this late hours .So they stayed our quarter for that night and would be returned at next day morning. Read more Hindi sex stories on zestmedia.ru

Before I begin let me describe my friend Bipin’s wife Sobha. She is 5′-4” thin looking but her boobs and ass are just too good. Boobs are nothing less than 36 D and totally round and the way they jiggle just drives me crazy. Her ass is also pretty big. Her ass is an instant cock-stiffener. I was very interested to fuck her but I could proceed much as I know my friend’s nature. It was my wife’s birthday last year when my dreams came true. Anyway after the party we had just finished dinner. Children had slept and we were playing cards in our drawing room casually chatting.

My wife had gone to sleep with the children in bedroom Somehow the topic came to jealousy and I commented, “Bipin is very jealous”. Sobha agreed, but Bipin insisted he is not. “Won’t you be jealous if someone danced with your wife”, I asked. He said, “No, not a bit”. I looked at Sobha and said, “Shall we find out”. … And Sobha was eager to find out. We put on some jazz music and we started dancing slowly, all the time glancing at Bipin but he was smiling. We danced for around 5 minutes then Sobha whispered in my ear “lets find out his limits”.

I was too eager to lose this opportunity of dancing close to Sobha. I pulled her closer to me so that her boobs were almost touching my chest. At the same time I made my grip around her back firmer, resting my chin on her shoulder so that my cheek was rubbing her cheek. My cock erected immediately by getting stiff. I looked at Bipin. He was still smiling.

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I slowly slid my right arm downwards and put it on Sobha’s ass. Sobha responded by lowering her arm down to my belt line. I started caressing her buttocks over her Saree. I could feel the knob of her petticoat and outline panty. At the same time we were rubbing our cheeks together slowly. Her boobs were pressed against my chest. Her breathing was getting heavier indicating that she was enjoying it too. I looked down and could see her tits were hard by now. Sobha asked Bipin ” Now, are you jealous?” Bipin replied with a husky voice “No”. I looked and Sobha and winked. I removed my right hand from her buttocks and slid it from below her sari and under her panty, right onto her sweet ass globes.

I felt my dick give a little jerk. She moaned so softly that only I could hear it. My left hand automatically moved to her breast cupping it from above her blouse. I glanced at Bipin and noticed a twitch on his face but he didn’t say anything. Sobha was reciprocating nicely by now and her right hand was on my inside my shorts and on my buttocks. I massaged her boobs slowly. My mouth moved to her lips and I planted a kiss on her lips. She responded by opening her mouth slightly. That was indication enough and I kissed her till she was out of breath. I was clenching her buttocks my nails digging into her flesh on the buttocks. I couldn’t take it any longer and in a surprise move. I pulled her sari, petticoat and panty down in one stroke. She looked at Bipin and to our surprise; Bipin had unbuttoned his fly and was rubbing his hardened dick from over his underwear. “No, I am not jealous… May be excited” he said. I saw Sobha’s face relax and we decided to continue. I removed my shorts and Sobha put her hand inside my underwear and started rubbing my dick. Then all of a sudden she yanked it out of my pant .I continued playing with her ass for sometime, kneading, pinching and massaging. Then I picked up some butter from the dining table and applied it all over her ass globes making it even smoother. I took another scoop of butter and put it lavishly inside the crack of her ass, taking extra care around her ass hole. When me finger rubbed over her GANND, she squirmed and moaned.

Bipin came from behind and helped Sobha take off her blouse. She was now standing there in just the black lace bra… She was looking very sexy in her half cut bra .Her massive boobs wanting to come out of the bra. Bipin unhooked the bra from behind and pulled it over her shoulder freeing those lovely breasts as they came down with a bounce. Bipin then pulled down his pant and become naked. I took off all my clothes too. Bipin came from behind her and held both her boobs squashing them. At the same time his hard 9-inch dick was pressing against her ass crack. I moved my hand to her cunt and started massaging her shaved pussy .I made her put one leg on the sofa so that both of us could have easy access to her lovely assets .Her cunt was already dripping with her sweet juices. My index finger slipped easily into her cunt hole. I finger fucked her for sometime then I inserted another finger and then another. She spread her legs slightly to allow my fingers. I fucked her with three fingers for a few minutes and then I tried inserting the fourth finger but without any luck. I made her lie down on the carpet with her legs wide open. I wanted to experiment something, which I had never done before.

I resumed with 3 fingers in her big lusty cunt. Then I took out my hand and inserted again with all my 4 fingers. She groaned loudly. I guess it must have hurt… But she was not aware of what was yet to come. I loosened her a bit and then in a surprise move put my thumb with my fingers to form a cone and pushed with a quick thrust. She screamed but I had succeeded in shoving my hand inside her cunt. I couldn’t believe it myself. My whole hand was inside her cunt right up to my wrist… And after a short duration of pain she started enjoying it, because she had not experienced anything so thick in her cunt till now. I fucked her slowly and she squirmed madly, cumming twice in the process. Bipin too was so excited that he was rubbing his cock vigorously and soon cummed all over her breast and stomach.

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My dick was still hard as rock and if needed to empty it. We moved to a more comfortable bed and I got on top of her in a missionary position. I slowly inserted my dick in her cunt and increased the speed gradually. I put both my hands on her breast clinching her breasts tightly. Bipin put his limp dick in her mouth and she started sucking it . The thought of fucking my friend’s wife itself was making me go crazy, so I couldn’t hold it longer and came pretty quickly, filling her hole with my cum. The sight of another person fucking his wife must have made Bipin very excited because his dick was hard again. So, we decided to switch places. He got into missionary position and I put my limp dick in her mouth.

Sobha was a born sucker! She sucked the cock so well, licking, and taking it in her mouth up to the hilt. She even sucked and licked my balls and area around my asshole. She was purposely avoiding it. So, next time when she was licking around my asshole, I moved my ass and pressed against her. Her tongue was pressed right against my asshole and she was forced to lick it at least once. My dick was by now hard. I moved away and asked them to roll over so that Bipin is down and his wife on top. Sobha sat on Bipin’s cock her breasts facing Bipin. Bipin was playing with her breasts and enjoying his fuck as Sobha moved up and down his cock. I got some more butter and asked Sobha to bend down so she was almost flat on top of Bipin. I applied some butter in her ass crack and around her asshole and started massaging and rubbing her anus.

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