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After some time Mariappa’s mom came to our house. My mom was not able to speak with her properly on because of the previous night incident. His mom suddenly asked “are you happy with my son in bed.” My mom was shocked and asked what?

She smiled at my mom and hold her hands and said, hey parvathi don’t be tense, I know about my son, definitely he made you happy in all the things. I knew what was happening yesterday night. When I came to your house to call Mariappa. I heard loud moaning from your room. When I opened the door Mariappa was hitting your pussy by his cock.I was shocked and left that place.

My mom was tensed but she convinced my mom, see parvathi for me my son happiness is important than anything. I came here to say thanks to you to made my son happy. I never see him with this much happiness. You can enjoying with him at anytime I won’t be make any problem. I will keep it secret. But it’s your duty to get away him from his drinking habits. My mom promised her for that.

My mom was so happy and hugged her. From that day Mariappa used to sleep with my mom in our house. When my dad was in house she get my mom to her house by telling silly reason to sleep with her son. Some time Mariappa was hugging and kissing my mom in front of his mom.

Within a month, As like mom promised, Mariappa stopped drinking and concentrated on work and gave respect to his mom. His mom was so happy. My mom gave birth a brother and sister from Mariappa.

After that, They were exploring all type of sex positions without caring anybody. My Mom asked him to get married.He refused at first. but my mom forced him to do that.Even though he was married to another lady. Still He is in touch with my mom and having sex. For me my mom’s happiness is important. So I didn’t disclose it to anyone.After Mariappa many guys came into my mom’s sex life including me. I ll send it in another story. Till then bye.

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