Husband sets up Wife for sharing

I am a huge fan of Hindi Sex Stories, specially wife sharing/ girlfriend sharing stories. I am 25 yr old in relationship (6 years). My girlfriend had few sex experiences before me still do chat sex / phone sex with strangers. I too have phone sex and physical sex with swinger couples, wives whose husbands are open minded and love to watch.Me and my girlfriend share every detail of our experience with each other. This is our style of foreplay and we have very hot sex every-time.Most of the time me and my girlfriend share our experiences verbally, but sometimes write them too. This story is my experience with a wife from Delhi whose husband set us up. Hindi Sex Stories

I got in contact with a husband from Delhi (I am also from Delhi) who wanted to see his wife get fucked by another man. After confirming that this couple was also very serious in keeping identities secret, we proceeded forward .
The rest of the story is narrated from his wife’s point of view so my girlfriend and her husband can enjoy it.

I got to know from my husband that he has someone for me who is my ‘type’ and he also enjoyed the wife sharing kink! He was attractive, a little nerdy and came across as a very ‘nice’ guy. After a little back and forth with him we picked a date and time that would work. We invited him to our place for drink next Friday evening. The week leading up to that Friday was a mixed bag…so much talking and preparing and more talking but mostly just really hot sex. Oh my god, the sex! I’ll leave it at this, it was amazing and frequent and that’s saying something for us.

So the days went by and we played over how things would work and how we could schedule everything so that my husband would be out of the house with the kids and I could have time to get ready and maybe have a drink before he got there. Thursday came and went and finally it was time…I wasn’t sure what the day would be like as a whole but my husband spent the day cleaning every inch of our house and taking care of the kids while I twiddled my thumbs and ‘relaxed’. Hindi Sex Stories

It was quite nice of him to take care of all the details and make sure everything was just perfect for me to be comfortable. All I had to do was get ready and enjoy myself. I was still in the mindset that I was simply having a drink and meeting someone new so I tried to not let me nerves get to me too much. He made sure that just in case things went ‘better’ that I was taken care of. Husband had the bed cleaned & made, condoms in the nightstand, wine & beer in the fridge, candles subtly lit here and there throughout the house, all the little details that I would have worried about.

As I started to get ready we both were at the peak of our nerves…I hurried though so I would have some time before my husband left to have a last ‘are you sure’ talk with him. We made a deal, he had veto power any any point throughout the night, all he had to do was call the house and let me know.

Before I knew it the sky was dark and it was time for my husband to take the kids out for the night. We hugged, kissed & said our good bye’s and they were off. The door closed and the house was quiet. I only had about a half hour to finish getting ready but since all the busy was done I was able to sit and relax and mentally prepare. After taking a few pictures for my husband I decided to change my clothes just a little so I’d be more comfortable (and have something to do).

I decided at the last minute to watch Game of Throne because it seemed like an easy thing to talk about if there was any uncomfortable silences and I’d been meaning to watch new episode that my husband had downloaded last night. I was ready and everything was set up nicely, I put my game face on (for lack of a better term) and decided that I just had to go with the flow and feel happy and hope that the universe had my back and wouldn’t let me come across as a total weirdo. I trusted that if my husband said he was equally ok with anything or nothing happening that I shouldn’t worry about it, trust him, and see if I could get out of my own head enough to give it a try. Hindi Sex Stories

I noticed the time was 6:03 and it dawned on me that I literally only had a few more minutes. I let that sink in and then went to get a glass of wine. I was still just a little nervous and was hoping that a few sips of wine might help calm my jitters. A moment later I heard a car pull in and the door close. I tried to pretend it might be the neighbors so that I didn’t make myself anxious but as soon as I heard the knock on the door I knew it was him.

I opened the door with a smile and let him in. I did my best to appear calm and casual but for a few seconds I was feeling quite the opposite…my thoughts were more like “holy shit, there’s a hot guy in my kitchen that I met online 2 weeks ago, this is one of those strange situations I always find myself in!”. He was very tall. Right away I noticed that I really liked his glasses and he looked just like his pictures (even better than his pics s that was a relief) We said our hello’s and I mentioned that his timing was perfect as I was just getting myself a drink. I offered him a drink and he quickly seemed at ease and went to case of beer.

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As I poured my wine and he opened his beer we stood in the kitchen, making small talk but I could tell/feel that he was checking me out. Drinks in hand I invited him to hang out in the living room. We talked briefly about if he should take his boots off, I truly didn’t care, but once he came into the living room and sat down he decided to take them off and get comfortable. I sat on the left side and he sat on the other cushion on the right side. He noticed Game of Thorns on TV and that brought us to talking about other TV shows, Friends, How I met your mother, etc… Luckily small talk was easier than I expected so I already felt pretty relieved.

For the time, we were both sitting a bit far apart and mostly turned towards each other so that we could carry on a conversation. He was interested in where my husband was so we talked about that and he liked that my husband was nearby, he also seemed to understand what things were like from that point of view and wanted to know more about us. It was really nice to be able to talk about my husband with him and about my marriage and his own relationship.